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THE FARMHOUSE Kitchen Curators

The Farmhouse is proud to have partnered with some of the world's greatest brands. From the leader in luxury kitchen equipment both indoors and out, to handcrafted chefware and expertly precise culinary tools. When you experience the Farmhouse, you are working with the finest.

Viking Appliances

Chefs, celebrities and home chefs all love Viking and the Viking experience. That’s why Viking Appliances was the chosen partner for the Ojai Valley Inn’s indoor kitchen and culinary mastery experience. Viking is known for their innovation, design and production of the best products in the culinary world.

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Lynx Grills

Born in Southern California and rooted in a mix of stunning geography, idyllic weather, and adventurous cuisine. It’s only natural that a superior outdoor suite of cooking equipment would come from here. More than just a place, more than just a grill. Live the Lynx Life. The Professional life is all about the details. It’s luxurious living, and hand craftsmanship. It’s foods prepared on the finest materials money can buy. Crafted by those who know their art. New technology designed and implemented by edgy thinkers, determined to elevate the culinary arts, no matter what’s being prepared – from traditional BBQ to luxurious recipes. The Lynx Professional isn’t for show, it’s a work of art. It’s not about glamour, it’s about cooking on a superior machine. One so well engineered, that it can seamlessly blend into an elegant outdoor room, but perform on par with its professional restaurant cousins. It’s luxury that works.

The Ojai Valley Inn chose Lynx to take outdoor cooking to a whole new level, expanding the outdoor kitchen into a luxury experience, with craft and quality that would last, year after year.

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Messermeister Knives

Messermeister is a woman-owned, 4th generation German cutlery and kitchen accessory brand located in the heart of the Ojai Valley. Our passion and commitment to deliver sustainable best-in-class knives, kitchen accessories, and award-winning culinary tools is unparalleled. World renowned chefs, professional and home cooks that care about precision quality and performance when preparing the food they love enjoy Messermeister. The knife for life.

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Hedley & Bennett Aprons

Hedley & Bennett is the LA-based and female founded culinary lifestyle brand that outfits the best chefs, home cooks, and makers in the world. In 2012, Founder/CEO Ellen Bennett, while working as a line cook, was inspired to create a “better apron” that would impart a sense of pride and dignity in all who wore them. It turned out the idea was revolutionary, and soon the likes of Dave Chang, Nancy Silverton, Martha Stewart, and chefs across the country were wearing the signature Hedley & Bennett ampersand (&). Continuing their mission to marry quality, design and function, Hedley & Bennett has branched out beyond aprons to make chef-approved home kitchen essentials, from a sleek knife bag to towels, napkins, table runners and more. Today, Hedley & Bennett can be found in 6,000+ restaurants around the world and in national and international retailers. Each product is made by hand in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

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G.K.P. Aprons

G.K.P. (Good Kitchen Products) Based in Santa Barbara, California, G.K.P. is a woman-owned, ecologically responsible, community driven brand focused on creating functional, high-quality, design-oriented items. Experienced artisans carefully create and handcraft these flagship aprons, which have received praise for their aesthetics as well as their durability from both professional and home chefs.

G.K.P. donates 1% of each purchase to ocean plastic pollution clean-up efforts. Through ecologically-friendly manufacturing, the company is reducing its carbon footprint.

Founder and Head designer Kazuyo Takeda was born and raised in Japan. Prior to launching G.K.P., she worked as a designer for women’s clothing brands in New York City, Milan, and Tokyo. She also has a background in biology, on which she relies for her creations.

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